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Biodynamics takes you beyond organics and offers you a roadmap to enhance the vitality of your farm or garden. Biodynamic preparations and indications for planting, cultivating and harvesting allow you to work with the life forces that increase the physical health of your soil, plants and animals.

The Valerian Preparation


“Valerian surrounds the plant life with a warm mantle.” – Manfred Klett.

In his landmark work Principles of Biodynamic Spray and Compost Preparations, Manfred Klett explains that the diluted juice of valerian has the faculty to create a sheath, wherever it is sprayed. “As I understand, it is a sheath which consists of condensed warmth ether. It opens towards the spiritual, protects against influences of the natural environment and preserves the workings of its brother and sister preparations when we spray it over the compost heap.”

In anticipation of our Fall 2013 Applied Biodynamics Newsletter, we offer a reprint from the Summer 2001 issue on Valerian. Also, from the Winter 2003–2004 issue there are a couple of articles by Patricia Smith on extending a crop with valerian, frost protection and the article Using Valerian the Way Steiner Indicated – An Update

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